Proud to have been part of Wyoming Untrapped's venture into publishing local poets on the subject of trapping/untrapping. Thanks to Matt Daly for fostering this project and to artist/poet Jocelyn Slack for the cover artwork. Check out all the poems here. I was humbled that Matt selected two of mine to include in this sweet/hard-knocking chapbook. May there be more endeavors such as this:

Spring Road Trip 2011

Spring In Moab May 2008 

Published Poetry

  • The Figure on the Bus
  • The Reliquary
  • The Slow Road Home
  • My Great Aunt Learned
  • The White Horse

Published Creative Nonfiction

  • Blonde Girls Get Kidnapped
  • Fourth of July
  • Montana, Home Again

Published Short Fiction

The Chickens

Welcome to blackhen, Connie Wieneke's website with links to poetry, essays, short fiction, photos and montages, with occasional guest appearances by friends, family and assorted birds.

blackhen was born after a chicken named Sophie wandered into our bedroom and laid an egg, an act that surprised her as well as my husband and me.  Later, blackhen became associated with Spike, a blind-in-one-eye runt of chicken, who worked her way into our house, roosted for nine years in the garage, moved back in with the rest of the flock in a large yard in western Wyoming--because she felt the need.  Sad to say, Spike died in October 2011.  But her fame lives on.